Thirsty Dragon Studios

Building worlds one detail at a time.

About The Thirsty Dragon

The Thirsty Dragon is an exceptional 3D artist with practical experience, specializing in crafting worlds with intricate details and realistic features.

With a keen eye for textures and lighting, The Thirsty Dragon brings their creations to life by skillfully sculpting organic forms and modeling intricate structures. Their dedication to crafting immersive experiences is evident in every project they undertake, combining technical prowess with artistic finesse to create stunning visuals that transport viewers to extraordinary worlds filled with meticulous details and breathtaking realism.

Twitch Stream

(Mondays & Wednesdays 7:30pm cst)

Contact Us

Hear ye, adventurers and dreamers alike! Should thou seek a bespoke creation, crafted with care and precision by The Thirsty Dragon, know that their artistic gates are open to commissioned endeavors of grandeur. If thou harborest an idea that stirs thy soul, send forth an electronic missive, and let us engage in a discourse to unravel the depths of thy vision.

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